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Roof Types

The types of roofing systems that Gulf Coast Roofing installs can be divided into the following categories:
Tile Roofs, Metal Roofs, Shingle Roofs, Flat Roofs, Wood Shakes.

Tile Roofs
For over 30 years Gulf Coast Roofing has been installing Tile Roofs in Southwest Florida. Gulf Coast Roofing has developed a reputation for being the areas #1 tile roofing company, from the custom homes of Port Royal to the smallest project, Gulf Coast Roofing will go beyond our customers' expectations.

Gulf Coast Roofing starts with a traditional "Hot Mopped" tile underlayment, consiting of either a 90 lb. tile underlayment or our Premium Modified 170 underlayment. Gulf Coast Roofing was Southwest Florida's first roofing company to start using the Modified 170 material as a tile underlayment. Traditionally used in flat roof applications our "modified" roofs offer our customers the best tile underlayment available. This product has a 12 year manufacturers warranty exposed to the sunlight and will last for many, many years longer. Our Company feels so strongly about this product as a tile underlayment that our President and Owner Fred Hill installed it on his personal home.

We install our tile with either a foam set or mechanically fastened system. Using a polyurethane foam adhesive allows us to give our customers a strongly fastened roof with the great benifit of no fasteners penetrating the roof underlayment below, and hence less leak opportunities.

For our customers with steeper roof systems or different needs, Gulf Coast Roofing will install your tile with a 2.5 inch Miami/Dade approved screw. With this system it is imperative that you also use the proper flashing, keeping the rain above the tile and not entering your home.

Gulf Coast Roofing's tile installation crew has many years of experience using standard cement tile to the most premium imported clay tiles.

A properly installed tile roof can last over 30 years and can improve the value of your home greatly. Since 1975 Gulf Coast Roofing has been putting on beautiful tile roofs in Naples and Southwest Florida.

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Metal Roofs
Metal has now become a very popular option when re-roofing your home in South Florida. Gulf Coast Roofing uses a 26 or 24 Gauge Galvalume panel that offers great corrosive resistance and a better heat reflection than a standard metal roof. Our 24 Gauge 5V Crimp metal roofs come standard with a Kynar finish that has an excellent durability to the elements and also has a 30 year manufacturers warranty.

Our 5V Crimp roofs are fastened with self sealing neoprene washer screws to insure the best wind resistence possible in South Florida's difficult weather. Available in a standard "mill" finish for a traditional metal roof look or 20 different colors, Gulf Coast Roofing can find a 5V Crimp roof to fit any customer's needs.

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Shingle Roofs
When putting a shingle roof on a home in Southwest Florida, there are many options. With South Florida's harsh weather, Gulf Coast Roofing prefers to use a premium architectural grade shingle with a 30 year manufacturer's warranty or higher. Choosing a quality shingle is necessary with Florida's hurricanes, but choosing a highly qualified roofer is a must. After many storms we learned a few things about shingle roofs and wind, older deteriorating shingles don't hold up and neither do improperly installed shingle roofs.

Gulf Coast Roofing also has great experience when installing premium designer shingles. Backed with a 50 year warranty, designer shingles from manufacturers like GAF give our customers a chance to improve the look of their home.

Gulf Coast Roofing offers our customers a wide variety of shingle roofs to choose from. With many shingle manufacturers to choose from and a large variety of colors, we can provide our customers with endless options for their shingle roofs.

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Flat Roofs
Many homes in Southwest Florida have flat roofs over patios or screened lanais. Since 1975 Gulf Coast Roofing has been installing flat roofs that can hold up to the punishing rain of South Florida. Starting with a base sheet of 30lb. felt paper, we hot mop two layers of fiberglass, and then a cap or top sheet of a modified rolled roofing material. This modified roofing material comes standard with a 12 year warranty and has been tried and tested for over 25 years in the area.

If your flat roof is holding water, Gulf Coast Roofing can use a tapered insulation to increase the pitch of your roof allowing the water to flow off and not pond. A roof that holds water will not last long and will continue to cause many problems such as leaks.

Unlike other roofing companies that try new untested products or untraditional practices, Gulf Coast Roofing gives our customers what we know works. Our reputation depends on it.

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Wood Shakes
Although not seen as often as other roof systems, "Wood Shake" roofs were very popular in Naples for many years. Cedar shakes give homes a traditional, classic look. When properly installed, the lifespan of wood shakes is long, and cedar is known for its strength against the elements. Gulf Coast Roofing has been installing cedar roofs on homes in Naples for years, something not many other roofers can say.

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